Mundaring’s basketball program wins All-Star status

You may have heard that basketball is quite popular at Mundaring Christian College (MCC), thanks largely to gregarious coach Mr Phil Croot.  But did you know that the College now boasts a total of 29 MCC Mustangs teams? That’s a lot of half-time oranges for Principal Mr Rod McNeill to be cutting up each week!

One of MCC’s players recently won an honour of the highest order – Mikayla Foot was named in the ACC All-Star Team for 2021, quite an honour for the MCC product.

“Mr Croot is full of energy, and it’s a great change of pace from life in the classroom,” says Mikayla, who has played with East Perth Eagles previously and has her eyes set on playing in a semi-professional setting at some point in her career.

Principal McNeill was impressed that Mikayla had been named to this prestigious group.

“This is quite an achievement when you consider that we’ve only been in ACC for a few years, and there are so many schools in the ACC. We’re punching well above our weight!”

Mr McNeill also recognised the hard work that Mr Croot puts into all of the basketball programs regularly for the College:

“This is testament to both Mikayla and also to Phil Croot.  One of the core elements of our program is everything good and godly about sport. The opportunity to develop character, sportsmanship, teamwork and be discipled.”

Well done to Mikayla and all the MCC Mustangs teams!

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