Staff Profile : Beechboro’s Mrs Shan Le Roux

Being married to a South African husband with a very French surname, Mrs Shan Le Roux (pronounced Le-roo) hails from East London – but not the one in the United Kingdom! Believe it or not, Google tells us that there is an ‘East London’ in South Africa, albeit lacking the cockney accents and the football hooligans that many of us associate with its more famous counterpart.

 Mrs Le Roux arrived in Australia just over ten years ago and has since had two children and completed a teaching degree with short stints at Swan Christian College and Ellenbrook Christian College during her practicums. This year she begins with the Year Four class at Beechboro Christian School after moving from Providence Christian College in Thornlie.

“Providence is a very ‘tech-based’ school with students on their own devices in Year 3,” said Mrs Le Roux this week via a Teams linkup.

“The good part about their reliance on Google Classroom and other online platforms was that I am now fully prepared for this COVID period of online learning. Recently my class was reduced to eight students with the remainder of them at home. So, it really helps to have had some experience with these new methods of classroom delivery for times like this.”

Mrs Le Roux is no stranger to learning new skills and being stretched after representing her state at a younger age in hockey and biathlon (run-swim-run) athletics. Three spinal fusions put the hockey career on hold, but recent rehabilitation and recovery techniques have seen Mrs Le Roux recently sign up for a ‘Masters League’ of hockey veterans. We could see Mrs Le Roux line up with a hockey stick and some shinpads any day now! Mrs Le Roux’s focus and dedication ensure that students are the beneficiaries of her hard work and determination in the classroom.

“It’s the best feeling as a teacher when you help a student to overcome and grow from challenging experiences or learning difficulties,” says Mrs Le Roux, who majored in Special Education during her university studies.

What’s the best part about being a teacher?

“I have so many fond memories, but I will say I love my job the most when I can see the impact I have had on an individual.”

Shan and her family attend the Central North Church of Christ in Kingsley and have done so since moving to Perth more than a decade ago.

We would all be aware now of COVID lockdown conditions, and the strain this places on families that may live in other states or countries. Thankfully, Shan and her family have found a home at Central North and their church is a ‘second family’ when relatives and friends are not accessible.

“They really are like a family to us. They know how to love and care for people.”

Welcome to , Mrs Shan Le Roux !

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