Busy times at Beechboro Christian School

You may have heard that Beechboro Christian School is growing in numbers (in March, we reported that they had 300 enrolled students for the first time in their history), and you may also know that Beechboro has purchased land for their new school buildings (in April they ‘broke new ground’ on the new building site).

Further in today’s News, we profile Mrs Dianne Pearce (Beechboro’s Art Teacher and early teacher) and learn more about how the transition to the permanent home for BCS students is progressing.

This week, former Beechboro Principal, Mr Murray Thomas (1989-2012), visited the new site with current Principal Mr Michael Bolan.

The photos show the new sign along Bennett Springs Drive and the earthmovers hard at work!

They are currently levelling the ground in preparation for the imminent construction of a new Early Learning Centre and the relocation of BCS’s transportable buildings, which is scheduled to commence during the Christmas break.

Recently, Chief Executive Officer (Dr Graeme Cross) and Board Chair (Mr Robert Edkins) visited Beechboro staff as part of the Board’s efforts to thank all staff (and particularly the Relief Teacher Co-ordinators at each school) for their tireless work through the recent COVID-19 season.

Each of the schools is enjoying an afternoon tea with members of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer as part of this ‘thankyou’ process. Mr Edkins addressed the gathered BCS staff, saying that “the Board members really want to acknowledge that staff have gone ‘over and above’ their calling as teachers, support staff and leaders in this season of mandates, COVID absences and staff shortages.”

The BCS staff were all smiles at the Afternoon Tea:

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