Sign me up, Northshore!

Travellers along Marmion Avenue will see the new sign for Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) today, as a raft of new features keeps pace with the rapid growth of ’s newest school.

Along with the new sign that alerts travellers to the turn-off for Northshore (on the corner of Marmion Ave and Bluewater Drive), Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm has buildings going up as the enrolment calls continue to keep his administration staff busy!

“There are three capital works underway concurrently,” says Mr Chisholm while bounding up the new staircase two steps at a time.

“We have a new car park, and that is making the ‘kiss-and-ride’ drop-off area more fluid for parents now.”

Enrolments continue to grow at nearly 30% per year for the school that began with just 52 students back in 2017. Today there are more than 500 students in the buildings located in Alkimos.

The new car park is easing traffic congestion and allowing staff to park in a ‘real’ car park, as opposed to the limestone patches located next to Northshore’s existing buildings.

Northshore’s Marketing Officer, Mr John Igglesden, sent some photos to News this week so that you can see the site’s progress.

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