Celebration Day: Feedback Form & Resources

The link below leads to an evaluation form that can be completed anonymously.

Feedback from staff is vital as it helps us to shape and tailor our future events to be as effective as possible.

Celebration Day Media Links

If you enjoyed the videos and media clips that were shown at the Celebration Day, you can rewatch and share these videos at the website locations below:

‘Our History’ video – The 40 years of video featuring interviews with ‘ Pioneers’

Transformation – Shelley Chapman – Class of 1989 – Alumni based in Mexico City

Transformation – Mark Sena – Class of 1994 – Alumni working as a Community Pastor in Mandurah

Transformation – Debbie Crossley – Class of 1994 – Alumni working in Medical Insurance & Midwifery

Dr John Collier Resource links

Link 1 – Applying an Action Research Approach to Improving the Quality of Christian Education, one school’s experience

Link 2 – John Collier, The Dayton Agenda – Beyond Transmissional Pedagogies in Christian Education, one school’s recasting of values education

Mr Jordan Thyer Resource links

Gospel-Inspired Schooling – Powerpoint

Dr Brian Harris Resource links

Gospel-Inspired Schooling – Powerpoint

Celebration Day Equipping For Mission Resources

Mr Mike Pitman – Hard Conversations (Powerpoint / Question Sheet)

Dr Gregg Weaver (Powerpoint / Word Document)

Ms Rebecca Royle & Mr Darren Peakall (Presentation PDF / Five Love Languages / A Teachers Guide To Mental Health)

Mr Andrew Creelman ( Speech / GEMS Work Booklet / Year 7 Presentation)

Mr Ray Hockley (Presentation)

Mrs Danielle Grisham (Powerpoint Handouts / Note Taking / Reflection Questions)

Mrs Charmaine Ladner (Recommended Reading)

Mrs Richelle Schokman ( Celebration Day Powerpoint / Draft 2022 Inquiry Programming Guide – 002)

Mrs Richelle Schokman (Biblical Learning Assets / 2022 Inquiry Plan Pre-Primary Term 1)

Mr Tim Oates (Emotions Workshop Powerpoint / RULTER for Diary)

Ms Clare Midgley / Mrs Jennifer Thomas (EALD Workshop Powerpoint)

Dr Thelma Perso (Pedagogy Powerpoint)

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