Christian Schools Australia – Pastor Sam Allberry at Swan Christian College

On Friday 12 August 2022, a group of 45 teachers, administrators and Board representatives from across Christian Schools Australia (CSA) schools journeyed to Swan Christian College to hear from international author and pastor Mr Sam Allberry on the topic of ‘School, Gender & Christianity’.

Mr Allberry has written extensively and published a number of books, including ““, ““, and, most recently,”“.

He studied theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford and has served on staff at St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, and St Mary’s, Maidenhead.  He is now based at Immanuel Church, Nashville and has travelled to Perth in cooperation with Providence Church Midland.

The day included several Question & Answer allotments, where the gathered group could ask Mr Allberry about his journey as a pastor, speaker and author. The questions around gender and sexuality continue to increase in boardrooms and classrooms, and Mr Allbery’s measured contributions, rooted in Biblical theology, seemed to enlighten the gathered audience to the many schools of thought that abound concerning these matters.

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