Southern Hills new website is a fitting tribute to five years of enrolment growth

This week’s release of the new-look Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) website demonstrates the approach that ’s campus in Bedfordale has been cultivating since Mr Beacham’s tenure as College Principal began in early 2017 – a sense of professionalism and a commitment to community engagement.

The new website was designed by Marketing & Design Specialist for SHCC Mrs Kirsten Page who spent significant time with website providers Helium Digital to ensure that the user experience (known as ‘UX’ in the marketing world) was optimised.

“The research into websites for independent schools points to more than 75% of users accessing our website from a mobile device – so there was a need to ensure that site navigation is as intuitive as possible, and also to utilise contemporary site construction through the WordPress platform,” said Kirsten.

The process of completing the new website is part of the College’s focus on customer service – something which College Principal Mr Paul Beacham spent time improving during the COVID pandemic.

The landing page of the new website.

“Communication methods have changed for us and we have been able to measure our levels of engagement more closely in the last 18 months,” said Mr Beacham this week.

“We now have the ability to hear from our parents and tailor our messaging to suit our different stakeholder groups where appropriate. The new website reflects a contemporary design and we expect it to be well-received in the coming weeks.”

SHCC enrolments are at an all-time high with 454 students currently attending the College, something that Mr Beacham attributes to his committed staff and hardworking operational team.

Enrolments have increased each year since 2017.

“The College has grown, and we have much to celebrate. With that in mind, we knew we had to work hard to communicate with all members of our community and understand their needs.”

The first website for SHCC was built in 2012 (ten years ago) and was very limited – there was no capacity for video content or for interaction with parents and students. Ten years on, technology allows all of that to happen, and Mr Beacham feels that the College is now seeking to offer even more options and opportunities to its students with an announcement to be made in the coming weeks.

The original website created in 2012.

“Yes, we have something special to announce – but we will wait for the correct protocols to be in place first. For now, we celebrate the hard work that has been done by Kirsten and the team. I really enjoy the visual imagery of our College, and the website outlines the educational experiences that students and families can access here at Southern Hills.”

The website also includes the Withnell Outdoor Adventure page showcasing several participatory activities.

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