SCC’s Musical offers free tickets to students as final rehearsals approach

With rehearsals now in full swing, Swan Christian College (SCC) has decided to gift complimentary tickets for their matinee shows of ‘High School Musical’ to all other schools! This may see Principals and school leaders picking up the phone to sort logistical arrangements for their students for the Term 1, Week 9 performances.

‘High School Musical’ is set to hit the stage for audiences from March 28 until April 1, 2023. There are more than 80 students in the cast and crew of the production, with six shows to be performed across five days.The show dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, 28 March 7:00pm

  • Wednesday, 29 March 11.00am (matinee) and 7:00pm

  • Friday, 31 March 11.00am (matinee) and 7:00pm

  • Saturday, 1 April 7:00pm

All Schools are invited to attend the matinee shows on Wednesday, 29 March and Friday, 31 March at 11.00am.

You can support this wonderful cast and crew by bringing your students to attend the show! Matinee tickets are free to all students and their teachers, simply email by Friday, 3 March, to confirm your attendance.

The Swan Christian College Hospitality students will be producing Asian-inspired street food every night before the show!

Please bring your family and enjoy the production on one of the nights by booking tickets via the following link:

Follow the cast and crew and look out for pre-booking links for the tasty food on sale on Facebook via the link below:

You can also follow the casts’ progress on Instagram through their handle: @Fencelinetheatre

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