Speaker Spotlight: Former World Vision Chair Donna Shepherd AM

This week we continue our series which profiles each of the keynote speakers for 2023 Celebration Day. Today we hear from Donna Shepherd, the former Chair of World Vision International.

Donna Shepherd is the Managing Director of Creating Communities Australia, a consultancy dedicated to using the power of community to drive positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.

She has also been the Chair of World Vision International and a Non-Executive Director of World Vision Australia.

Donna holds a Masters in International Administration from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA. She is a trusted adviser in social research and planning, community engagement, community development, shared value and communications.

What is the greatest thing you have achieved in your life?

“Saying yes to a call that was beyond me and trusting that God would be true to his promises, which he has been. I’ve had the opportunity to: land global and local strategies; build leaders from over 100 nations; deliver life-saving aid in the worst hit disasters, including getting support during the COVID-19 pandemic to over 70 million people.”
“I’ve supported leaders in Ukraine and Afghanistan responses, sat alongside community members who have lost everything and stood up for young people advocating for an end to violence against children.”

“What stands out for me in this work is God’s unifying presence throughout. In the board rooms, briefings, refugee camps, disaster zones, poorer communities and beyond, God draws us all together. How we come together is as important as what we achieve. My hope is that in all I do people know how much God loves them, that they are valued and that they belong. 

Finish this sentence with your own words – The gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives because …..

“…it shows us just how much God is for us and wants good things for us. 

“The gospel is God’s radical demonstration of the breadth of his love for us. Through Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection, God demonstrates his love for us as well as the commencement of his new creation project.

“We get to be part of this restoration project and to have our lives transformed in the process.”

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