Celebration Day 2023: Feedback Form & Resources

The link below leads to an evaluation form that can be completed online.

Feedback from staff is vital as it helps us to shape and tailor our future events to be as effective as possible.

Celebration Day Media Links

If you enjoyed the videos and media clips that were shown at the Celebration Day, you can rewatch and share these videos at the website locations below:

Celebration Day Equipping For Mission Resources

The Principles of Effective Inclusion Education in a Christian School – Dr Darnelle Pretorius (Powerpoint) (Book selection)

Building and Sustaining a Flourishing Team Culture – Dr Darren Iselin (PDF)

Resources for the following session will be available in our next edition of News

Do I Need God to Flourish? – Mr Jordan Thyer

Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning Framework – Dr Thelma Perso

Exploring Aboriginal Culture in Christian Education – Mrs Petrina Neufeld

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