Social Media campaign aims to recruit future Christian staff for our schools

This week, you may have seen a new video popping up on your Facebook page, your ‘vertical reel of videos’ or even your Instagram feed – what is happening?

The videos are short clips of staff members talking about their experience in schools and why they have chosen to pursue Christian education as their calling for their life’s work.

These videos aim to encourage Christian people to pursue studies in education – undertake tertiary studies in Primary or Secondary Education, join a school in an operational role, or look towards employment in any Christian school that supports the Biblical calling on your life.

If it all sounds a bit ‘millennial’ and geared towards young people – you’re right!

The days of newspaper ads in ‘The West Australian’ and the Saturday morning scouring in the ‘Education’ section over tea and toast seem to be disappearing fast, with many younger people now turning to social media and recruitment sites such as or LinkedIn for their employment prospects.

Term 3 of each school year, has traditionally been the time when educationalists plan for the future, and the hope is that our social media campaign can capture the attention of young people (and middle-aged!) who have a Christian calling on their life and want to serve others through our Christian schools.

schools are growing, with many of the campuses at their all-time high regarding enrolments. As the total student number nears the 5,000 mark, more teachers, more operational staff, more support staff, more ICT staff, more gardeners, more educational assistants and more lab technicians are needed!

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!

’s Working With Us page ( showcases the four videos which you will see over the coming weeks and months, along with other important information for prospective staff seeking more information about life in Christian education.

Please promote this page to friends and colleagues, in the hope that our families within will experience excellent teaching and learning opportunities from Christian staff who are fully equipped to deliver the gospel message to today’s mission field.

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