World Teachers Day 2023

Today, we celebrate World Teachers Day across Australia, with more than 500 teaching staff gracing our classrooms in schools this morning!

Following the conclusion of the 2023 Survey season, here are just a few of the comments from our grateful parents about our teachers this year:

From a Beechboro Christian School (BCS) parent:

All the teachers in BCS are the best! Very approachable! They care and respect every single kid so much.

Every time I come into the school, I feel how much the teachers love the kids and their passion to make the day great!

From a Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) parent:

My kids are in a supportive learning environment, with peers that strive for similar outcomes.

The teachers seem very reasonable, fair and they genuinely care for the wellbeing of the students.

The young people have a confident outlook and seem to care about what their future holds and others. Life skills, citizenship, faith and hope are important traits we see in our kids. We are grateful to be a part of ECC.

From a Kalamunda Christian School (KCS) parent:

KCS is a wonderful local community.

We have a great partnership here between parents, teachers and leadership.

There is a warmth and professionalism in our little school and there is definitely a focus on integrating healthy wellbeing into the school’s curriculum.

The extracurricular options are varied and there are many great music and sporting opportunities for our kids here.

Being a Christian family, we love the gospel focus that we are seeing!

From a Mundaring Christian College (MUN) parent:

We have had both our children with this school for a year now, and we are very happy we made the change.

Great school and a great community that is really welcoming.

From a Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) parent:

Doing a great job!

Praying into the future for this to be a shining light in our community!

Very happy with the school and the wonderful work being done there. 

Very professional and kind, caring staff.

From a Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) parent:

The school, teachers, staff and management are all great, all approachable, always friendly and always willing to help.

The culture and community feel are wonderful, and I am glad that my children go to such a school.

From a Swan Christian College (SCC) parent:

My child has had amazing opportunities at SCC in sports, music and academia.

Thanks to all the teachers and support staff for five excellent years and an awesome senior year.

Thanks to the Principal for strong leadership and wisdom, the praying community and most of all to God.

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