Fantastique! French first prize at ECC!

How many French words do you know?

Eiffel Tower? Baguette? Ballet? Café? Restaurant?

Did you know that there are 321 million people around the world who speak French, 88 states and governments who are members of the French-speaking countries (l’Organisation de la Francophonie) and that French is the first language in the Olympics (held in Paris next year!)?

Our closest piece of France isn’t 21 hours by plane away in Europe, but a mere 7-hour flight to the west – Reunion Island is a French department in the Indian Ocean sandwiched between Mauritius and Africa. We love French trivia!

Meet Mr Ethan Fenner, a Year 9 ECC student who recently won first prize in the Alliance Française Exams for his French-speaking prowess.

Principal Mrs Gigi Thiele, a self-confessed Francophile [lover of all things French!] and teacher of French for over 30 years was on hand to take a few photos at the ceremony, and she paid tribute to Madame Haidar, Ethan’s teacher of French at ECC, for the hard work in preparing for the examination process:

“While French is so widely used around the globe and our additional language, at Ellenbrook, we have 44 different nationalities, each with its own language and culture; and we celebrate and embrace this wonderful diversity. We congratulate Ethan on his wonderful achievement” said Mrs Thiele this week.

Ethan received the award with his father and Mrs Thiele present.

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