Without ‘Software Updates’, our world would still be in the dark ages!

Whether we like it or not, computers are everywhere

Our mobile phones, laptops, TV’s, doorbells, cars… they all have computers inside of them, running sophisticated, internet-connected software.

Without these updates, there would be no improvements to any of the services they deliver. Products would be very dated and lack the capability to do all the tasks we require.

’s first computer (circa 1983) was used to create basic worksheets and allow administrators the opportunity to process simple Word documents.
This is the first photo of a computer in a setting, with this luxury only afforded through generous donations and the provisioning of equipment for office staff.

The software in any computer need to be updated in order to update security issues that the manufacturer deems to be necessary.

Ensuring you take the time to update your device can help the ICT Team to protect you from known issues and security vulnerabilities.

Hackers don’t like it when you keep your software up to date!

If you keep deferring the updates on your device, updating may take a long time.

Thankfully, ’s Agent X is responsible for updates across the system, including printers and tablets. He/she even has to ‘update’ and ‘back up’ the giant servers each month!

While we promised to reveal Agent X’s identity in this edition, the answer we got from the ICT team was:

“Agent X is so cyber secure that we aren’t even sure who he or she is.”

Any clues?

“Maybe he/she is European and enjoys French coffee and the occasional apple strudel…”

Hmm….the plot thickens!

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