SCC’s Creative Lab celebrates new ideas from senior students 

Students from Years 10 –12 exhibited their creative work from Semester 1, 2024, as part of the Community Arts Endorsed Program, with parents viewing a variety of created works with the occasional interruption of an item – music, dance or drama – to demonstrate the inspiration that can come as part of the creative process.

There was a real ‘buzz’ as parents, students and guests took in each part of the performances and celebrated the diversity and form of each composition.

“It was a thrilling and wonderful array of talent and skill development,” said Mr Andrew Matthews (Head of Performing Arts – SCC).

“We were privileged to have special guest artists visiting and providing feedback via individualised QR codes on each presented piece.”

Through the mentoring and scaffolding provided by dedicated SCC staff, students develop skills in their chosen area and demonstrate increasing autonomy and self-management of their learning.

This event was a celebration not only of artistic endeavour and achievement but also a celebration of self-motivated learning.

Here are a few photos from this amazing evening!

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