Online Enrolments Solution For All Schools in 2023

After months of due diligence and many meetings with suppliers and school enrolment officers, has now signed on the dotted line with EnrolHQ to deliver an online enrolments solution for all schools.

Thanks to some detailed analysis and extensive consultation, Ms Lize Janse Van Rensburg (’s TASS Application Support Officer) has navigated the complicated world of TASS (The Alpha School system) and devised a solution for all schools to receive online enrolment applications and integrate them into our school management system.

Why did we decide to go with EnrolHQ ()?

“EnrolHQ offers us the most flexibility in integrating with TASS, it has more features and offers parents a great Dashboard option,” says Ms Van Rensburg.

Sounds good. So, when does my school get online enrolments?

Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) has volunteered to be the ‘pilot’ school (trial/beta school, etc.) and they will be ‘online’ with this new technology by Christmas of 2022. This implementation will be headed up by NCGS Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm and Business Manager, Mr Jean-Andre Spangenberg.

The trial is expected to run until the end of Term 1, 2023 at which point the other schools will be introduced to the technology, implementing online enrolments for prospective parents looking to enrol their children in 2023.

“It’s difficult to say exactly when each school will be fully utilising this system at this point,” says Ms Van Rensburg.

“We hope to make a smooth transition into the Northshore community and spot any obstacles very early in the process. It may be the case that all schools are utilising this enrolment option by mid-year 2023 – but we will be in a better position to comment on that at the end of Term 1, 2023.”

A quick look at the EnrolHQ offering for shows that the parent experience is enhanced, and enrolment officers across will be able to process enrolments more efficiently based on new ‘user-defined (UD) areas’ within the system.

Ms Van Rensburg began with in February 2022 and was charged with this task in consultation with ’s Head of ICT, Mr Wayne Fewster.

“The new system will allow our staff to be more effective in their roles and maximise organisation for their schools,” says Ms Van Rensberg.

“Our main reason for doing all of this is to enhance the parent experience when they interact with our schools for the first time, but our staff will certainly benefit from this new system of filing and organisation as well.”

The timeline below shows the rollout process across schools.

What about those of us who still live in the world of paper-and-pen enrolments?

“We will still be assisting parents who are unable to complete forms online,” says Ms Van Rensburg.

Many thanks to Ms Van Rensburg and the team of enrolment officers across who have invested many hours to make this project a success for our families.

The timeline for online enrolments across schools into 2023.
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